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Introducing, The Millionaire Business School, The Most Explosive Three Days
Of Practical Dream Building You Will Ever Attend!

London 20th-22nd November 2015

Are You Ever Worried About Your Future? Here Is The Reason I Ask...

It is a common fact that in today’s society there is no longer life long employment, job security, business security or any form of guarantee for getting ahead in life. Nearly everybody knows at least one person who has either been made redundant, lost his or her business or, through no fault of their own, had their so called ‘security blanket’ mercilessly pulled out from underneath them so hard that it catapulted their entire lives upside down.
However, there is one small, elite and very select group of people who seem to always stay on the winning side of life. They continually make their own rules and are never surprised when things turn out the way they planned. They are life’s true Enlightened Entrepreneurs!

What Makes An Enlightened Entrepreneur?

It is possible to ask that question to 100 different people, chosen at random in today’s society, and receive 100 completely different answers.
Here’s ours: 

They have a mind-set that does not recognise failure.
They have a TOTALLY different approach to traditional business.

Maybe you know one. Maybe you’ve met one. Well the question I would like to ask is HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BECOME ONE? I can tell you now that there are only two things that separate an Entrepreneur from the rest of society.

Let’s Look At These Two Factors
For A Moment...

Firstly, mindset: Have you ever thought of this? If we all generally have the same physical ability and pretty much the same IQ (give or take 10%) How come somebody like Sir Richard Branson can produce results that most business owners living in the same society with the same opportunities and infrastructure around them can only dream of? 
 The answer is that Sir Richard, along with almost every other Enlightened World Class Entrepreneur, THINKS VERY DIFFERENTLY!  How specifically? 

We’ll Teach You.

Secondly, ‘The Different Approach To Traditional Business’: It seems these days the Dog eat Dog corporate world is full of stress, long hours, missed lunches, greying hair and a lack of quality time for personal lives and family. If this is your idea of what it takes to make it, then you are welcome to keep it. You see, one of the most striking things about most entrepreneurs is that they always seem to have so much FUN! Once you learn their approach, you’ll understand why. Not only that but you will never want to go back to that OLD way of doing business again.
The Difference That Makes The Difference…

Now it is all very well knowing or even understanding what makes the difference between where you are now and where you would like to be. That’s easy. The hard part is usually in finding out where and how to learn the specific step-by-step strategies that guarantee you the results you want. That is UNTIL NOW! Because that’s exactly what this amazing three-day high impact course is all about. 

Don’t Take My Word For It

“The content and context is perfect. The changes with more interaction gives it a real feel, it’s not just someone standing on a stage talking.”

Andi Poppmeier

“I am humbled in many ways and so glad that I stretched myself beyond the money barrier to bring the change I have been so desperately looking for."

Rory Conacher

“Simply the most amazing and transformative experience I’ve had the privilege of attending. Three days don’t seem enough and the material is an extremely high level and empowers me to achieve things I didn’t think were possible.”

Dale Alderton

Throughout This Fast Paced
Action Packed Event, You Will…

  • Learn the 10 Master Skills all Enlightened Entrepreneurs have and that you won’t find taught in business school.
  • Understand precisely how to build any business with no money!
  • Become an opportunity magnet by spotting and unwrapping the everyday opportunities that 97% of people never see!
  • Explode your Free time by designing yourself out of the equation!
  • Use your newfound mind-set to find creative ways to manifest the results you want!
  • Strip Internet fact from Web-hype fiction. The 21st Century guide to no nonsense e-commerce.
  • Totally competition proof your business!
  • Learn Win-Win negotiation tactics that can never fail.
  • Identify the 2 most important parts of any business!
  • Increase sales in the next 30 days more than you have in the last 6 months!
  • Save yourself tens of thousands of pounds in expensive mistakes, lost opportunities and poached business.
  • Strategise for either short-term wins or long-term investments!
  • Acquire top tips for making more money NOW!
  • Discover the reasons why 90% of small businesses stay small, and how to guarantee you stay in the 10%!

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No Worries. Our Product Comes With A

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

The three day course comes complete with this full no questions asked money back guarantee: “If upon completing the first day, you are not 100% convinced that the experience has been
everything we promise it to be, simply turn in your name badge to a member of staff and your
money will be instantly and cheerfully refunded on the spot."

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1. Full 90 Days Follow Up Support And Implementation Package Valued At £2,000!


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