About Peter Sage

I believe the greatest gift you can give to the world is the best version of yourself. My mission is to create the mindset and tools for you to unleash your highest potential.

About Peter

Who Is Peter Sage?

Peter is a globally renowned serial entrepreneur with expertise in human behavior and self-mastery. His distinct perspective has earned him recognition as an exceptional individual with the Brand Laureate Award, joining past honorees such as Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, and Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Peter has spoken at six TEDx events. His books have reached #1 on bestseller lists, selling over 150,000 copies in multiple languages. As the founder of several 8-figure companies, Peter has raised more than $1 million for charitable causes. 

Notably, he has been recognized as a top motivational guru by Global Gurus. He has been honored by the Two Comma Club Awards for his remarkable entrepreneurial achievements. Peter is passionate about sharing his vast knowledge and experience to empower others to lead extraordinary lives that are not only successful but also purposeful.

Peter Sage

Entrepreneur, Speaker and Coach

Filling your sails with Gratitude is the most joyous way to journey down the river of Life.

Peter Sage

“Why will life test you? Because theory doesn’t cover the price of admission to the highest levels of being.”

Peter Sage

Raise Your Game

Why Master Your Inner Game?

Unless you work on your inner world first, your outer world circumstances will always find ways of readjusting back to the same level of success. No matter how hard you try.

Here’s my promise: If you attain Self Mastery, you will be rebuilt into someone who – no matter the circumstances – will continually take their business, income and LIFE to the next level. You will become a person allergic to mediocrity and bullet proof to poverty.

Our Vision

Raising global consciousness by providing real and lasting transformation.

Our Mission

To create the mindset and tools for you to unleash your highest potential.

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Team Sage

Peter Sage

Reinventing Entrepreneurship

In twenty-five years, Peter’s business career has followed the expected vicissitudes of high-level, fast-paced entrepreneurship. Peter has personally started over twenty companies across a wide variety of fields.

And while some, in his own words, have ‘failed majestically’; others have become large global success stories.

He has been a qualified member of the global Entrepreneurs Organisation for over a decade and served as a member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Board for one of the world’s top business schools, INSEAD, as well as a visiting faculty member for their Entrepreneurs Bootcamp and Entrepreneurs in Residence Programme.

Peter Sage

Renowned Speaker

Peter has spoken on 5 continents and is frequently asked to deliver keynote addresses, seminars and workshops, entertaining and inspiring audiences across the globe.

He has been booked to share the stage with high profile people such as Sir Richard Branson, Kofi Anan, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and many others.

As an expert in human behavior, leadership, world-class customer service and motivation, Peter is highly qualified to speak on a variety of subjects, frequently holding audiences of up to 10,000 spellbound.

Peter Sage

Awards + Recognition

  • Awarded the distinguished Brand Laureate Award from the Asian Pacific Brands Foundation for extraordinary individuals – Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Hilary Clinton & Tiger Woods
  • Twice nominated for the “Extraordinary Lives Award” by the largest Social Entrepreneurs Org. – XL Nation
  • First Global Ambassador for Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organisation – CEO
  • First recipient of the Honorary Life Member award for outstanding contributions to the London YES Group

Peter Sage

Expert Mentor

Peter is widely recognized as a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and is one of the most respected and sought-after mentors and personal coaches in the world today.

He is one of the few qualified Trainers for Robbins Research International (as recognized by the Robbins-Madanes Institute), and worked alongside Tony Robbins at his events for over 15 years.

From members of royalty to frustrated billionaires through to homeless drug addicts, his ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level and identify and quickly shift both overt and unconscious patterns of limiting behavior have made him the go-to choice for lasting change.

Peter Sage

Sports + Adventure

Peter is an accomplished athlete, expert in health and nutrition and a former competition level bodybuilder.

He has completed several Marathons, including the formidable 250km Sahara Ultra-Marathon (Marathon des Sables) – widely recognized as one of the the toughest footraces in the world.

He has climbed some of the worlds highest peaks, competes at British Championship level indoor rowing, is a trained and decorated marksman (Great British Shooting Team, ACF) a qualified open water diver, an experienced skydiver and a long-standing member of the world renowned and infamous Dangerous Sports Club.

Peter Sage

Peter's Philanthropy

Peter is passionate about contribution. He is an active supporter of multiple good causes and the patron of two registered charities.

Through a combination of personal donations, active fundraising or extreme endurance events, he has raised over one million dollars for charities all over the world including: The Anthony Robbins Foundation, St Paul’s Hospital Foundation, The Community Alliance Network, Room to Read, Save the Rhino, The Easter Seals and many others.

He has spent a lot of time in third world countries helping to tackle poverty through capacity building and education including building a school in Tanzania.

For several years, Peter has also played an instrumental role with the London Basket Brigade – an organization that feeds thousands of homeless and underprivileged families across London each Christmas.