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Elite Mentorship Forum is a powerful program and ultra special Peer Group to elevate every area of your life.


Lasting Transformation Guaranteed.

EMF is a comprehensive syllabus designed for you to break through any personal limitations holding you back. Take this journey with an amazing like-minded peer group that will inspire true growth and success.

6-month program covering all life areas

12 modules building on each other

a high-level peer group to inspire & ensure accountability

100% money back guarantee

EMF is a Toolbox to Master Life


Launching April 2018 | Online

Over 24 weeks, you will learn the most powerful knowledge to create lasting transformation. You will unlock your fullest potential and live at a higher, deeply fulfilling level.



Successfully uncover the hidden beliefs, patterns & emotional blocks (positive & negative) that have led you to where you are. Clear up limiting thinking & replace it with empowering new habits.

Modules 1-4:

  • Learn how the world really works (create more abundance in your life)
  • Accelerating your journey to mastery (achieve excellence faster)
  • Mastering emotions (instantly disarm negative emotions & never let them sabotage you again)​​​​​
  • Mastering the 4 primary relationships (with yourself, with time, with a higher power, and with others)

WEEKS 9-16


Understand the key difference between people who succeed and those that fail in any area of life. You will shift your relationship to money, wealth & abundance – as part of your new compelling personal mission.

Modules 5-8:

  • The Power of Concentration (achieve the impossible by leveraging complete focus)
  • Authenticity (benefit from new opportunities presenting themselves effortlessly)
  • Goals Reinvented (make your goals work for you without frustration or wasted energy)
  • Multiple Personality Disorder (align & integrate your different parts of your personality in a powerfully compelling way)

WEEKS 9-16


Intentionally design, create and install your brand-new upgraded psychology. You will complete your transformation and experience a higher existence – greater success, joy, fulfillment, and freedom from harmful thinking.

Modules 9-12:

  • Dissecting your psychology (understand what drives you at the conscious and subconsious levels)
  • Permenantly rebuild your psychology (redesign your mindset from the ground up)
  • Advanced ​​​​​​​levels of consciousness (understand the full 17 levels of consciousness that exist)
  • Creating your legacy (discover your True North and align with your truest purpose)

Upgrade Your Peer Group

Elite Mentorship Forum is more than a comprehensive syllabus. It’s a special, like-minded peer group empowering your transformation. Upgrading your peer group is the fastest way to take your life to the next level.

Your Private
Brain Trust

Post your module challenges, wins, and contributions to the group. Exchange knowledge & opportunities with an amazing support network for you on your journey.

Live Sessions

Share, connect and gain new insights during live webinars with Peter and the members. Get the answers, feedback & support to leap forward.

Content Library

All content will be made available to you for life, wherever you have an Internet connection. Review it later & gain new understandings.


Your peer group defines your success. By joining EMF, you join a peer group of like-minded individuals to accelerate your growth and transformation.

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The Elite Mentorship Form has 100% money back guarantee. Experience the entire EMF for 6 months. If you go through the entire course (attend all the live calls or watch all recordings of the calls) and at the end you do not believe that you learned how to optimise your mindset for business and life, simply ask Peter for a full refund. He will write a cheque, no questions asked. Invest with zero risk.

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