Team Sage – Our 2020 Vision:


This is who we are. This is what we stand for. This is what we do.


It is now December 31st 2020… and Team Sage has grown exponentially into a message and a movement far bigger than the sum of its parts could ever be. By harnessing the incredible power of passion and purpose and fusing it with growth and contribution, we come alive to what it really means to live a mission greater than ourselves!

The messages we share and the programs we teach inspire people to discover and embrace their own greatness, uncorking the bottle of human potential that lies latent in so many, and begs to be opened. Through leveraging the power of our own team together with cutting edge strategies and the best applications of technology, we have been able to make a huge and positive impact in the lives of tens of millions around the world. The business thrives and is driven by a world-class team of experts and A-Players who are all aligned to the same mission. We live and hold each other accountable to our own standards, demonstrating authenticity in our message and feeling proud, grateful and humble that we have helped play a small role in raising the global consciousness of humanity.

We are ‘Aha’ makers, smile creators, magic moment facilitators and a global force for good. Our calling is to alleviate peoples suffering and frustration due to the pain of miss managed thinking by lighting the path towards their own personal truth.

We have also raised the bar across the entire personal growth & development industry reinventing it to the personal growth and results industry. Thus reversing the previous trend that sees 80% of people being either worse or no better off than when they began. Often not getting empowered but instead becoming trapped on a hamster wheel of ineffective self-development and sold with the wrong intentions. By contrast, our programs and messages both compel and inspire people to new heights they never realised they were capable of. We make a real difference and strive to bring a Technicolor wand to the monochrome world of mediocrity.

And finally, when it comes to reaching the inevitable end of our own journey. We seek not to arrive with the pain of regret, and nor with our own dreams still inside of us. But instead with the knowledge that we lived a much bigger life than just our own. That we gave the best of who we were to make a difference. And that, through our efforts, the ripples of contribution will continue to spread across the Ocean of Life long after we have lowered the sail on our final voyage. This is the mission of Team Sage.

Our Core Values

To be authentic, humble and inspired Leaders.
To be an open channel for higher wisdom
To magnify the greatness of others
To leave people better for having crossed our path