London, 23-25 February 2018


The most educational, inspiring and impactful event you’ll ever attend!

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  • 3-Day Online Live Stream
  • 36+ Hours of Content
  • World-class Guest Speakers
  • 90-day Post Program Support
  • Alumni Admission
  • Event Recording To Rewatch
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
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  • 3-Day In-Person Seminar
  • 36+ Hours of Content
  • 350 Like-minded Achievers
  • World-class Guest Speakers
  • 90-day Post Program Support
  • Alumni Admission
  • Event Recording To Rewatch
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee
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  • 3-Day In-Person Seminar
  • 36+ Hours of Content
  • 350 Like-minded Achievers
  • World-class Guest Speakers
  • 90-day Post Program Support
  • Alumni Admission
  • Event Recording To Rewatch
  • 200% Money Back Guarantee
  • Seating in Rows 2 - 4
  • Platinum Gift Bag with exclusive Sage Content
  • Lunch with Peter, other Platinum ticket holders and members of Peter’s private coaching group (The Masters Circle) - Day 3 you are joined by the Masters Circle
  • Invitation to Cocktail Reception with Peter & other Platinum ticket holders & Masters Circle members the evening before the event
$4995 $2995*
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Cocktail Reception

Cocktail Reception with Peter & other Platinum ticket holders & Masters Circle members the evening before the event.


During the first 12 hours of the business school you will undergo a series of powerful and personal transformations. Peter will clearly demonstrate the connection between the mindset of the business owner and the issues they face as he guides you through the process of reinventing yourself.


  • Reinventing Yourself into a High performance person.
  • Reprogramming old and outdated belief systems that cause limitation self-sabotage


  • Analyzing & installing the mindset and beliefs of a world class entrepreneur.
  • A completely and permanent reprogramming of your attitude toward failure.
  • Learning how to model ultra high-performance people in depth.
  • Mastering the secrets of ‘Boomeranging’ (quickly turning bad setbacks i into nto great successes.)
  • Uncover and destroy the two biggest obstacles that lead to constant self self-sabotage.
  • Reinvigorate and make your dreams come alive with a renewed sense of personal mission, infused with both passion & purpose.
  • Practical exercises that destroy old limited patterns of thinking and stop new negative ones forming.
  • Question and upgrade all outdated belief systems, habits and behaviors.
  • Understand the 8 compelling forces that unconsciously influence everything we do.
  • Also, included is a special section on the latest breakthroughs in quantum physics that show how to position and attract opportunities and circumstances in your favor. . Not with ‘positive thinking’ but with science and mathematical precision.
  • And much more...


Day two teaches seven of the Master Skills. Each one will be broken down and applied to your business in a way that allows you to financially measure the impact moving forward.

This is a powerful and content rich day that will present many opportunities for transforming your business.


  • Financial Creativity: Never be stopped again by a lack of money or credit in your business
  • Reinventing Customer Service: How to have your customers outperform your sales team
  • Upgrading Your Peer Group: Strategies on using the law of conformity to step up your game
  • Reinventing Time Management: Forget everything you thought you knew about being productive
  • Mastering the Art of Strategic Thinking: 95% of businesses are losing money by being tactical rather than strategic
  • Reinventing Sales & Marketing: This is your lifeblood. Fail here and you fail at business. The Magic of Educational Based Marketing


  • Understand precisely how to build any business with no money!
  • How to turn your customers into your best sales force.
  • How one specific strategy can make your sales tactics work 10x harder.
  • Master your relationship with time and set yourself free by designing yourself out of the equation!
  • Understand how to create a culture that cements both customer & staff loyalty and why culture eats strategy for breakfast.
  • Totally competition proof your business regardless of the economy.
  • Clever internet marketing for smart dummies
  • Identify the 2 most important parts of any business
  • How to increase sales in the next 30 days more than you have in the last 6 months months
  • Save yourself tens of thousands of pounds in expensive mistakes, lost opportu opportunities and poached business.
  • Strategize for either short-term wins or long-term plays.
  • Dozens of additional top tips for making more profits NOW.
  • The 7 master secrets of the world’s most successful sales teams teams.
  • High Impact Marketing tricks you’ll never find taught in other business schools
  • And much more...


This is a fast paced and action pack packed day where we build on foundation of what you have already covered.

Learn the final and most critical Master Skills and then create a detailed and highly personalized plan that allows you in implement all of the learnings, ideas and skills into an actionable plan. The afternoon builds into a powerful crescendo that will set a new an empowering direction for your life.


  • Building A Dream Team: Business is a team sport. What kind of coach are you?
  • Mastering Implementation: Knowing & Not Doing is the same as not knowing. This gets it done!


  • How to hire Star Performers. For FREE.
  • A win-win way to scale your business fast without imploding or going crazy
  • Strip employment fact from HR-hype. The 21st Century guide to no nonsense hiring.
  • How to Scale up quickly by navigating the outsourcing minefield with ease.
  • Discover the reasons why 90% of small businesses stay small and how to guarantee you stay in the 10%!
  • Learn the best way to implement training throughout your company that guarantees people will use what they learn.
  • The good the bad and the ugly of business partnerships
  • And much, much more...

When and where?

23-25 February 2018

Park Inn by Radisson London Heathrow, London

Frequent questions

Who is the Sage Business School for?

If you believe that your personal psychology affects your business, this school is for you.

Sage Business School is designed to help business owners successfully pursue their passion, achieve their goals they want, and live a fuller life as a result of it.

Why is the Sage Business School different from other business seminars?

The Sage Business School takes a 360 perspective on business, starting with the entrepreneur.

Top business schools in the world focus on high level strategies and tactics. But none of them go deep into the psychology of the entrepreneur on a personal level.

Sage Business School is designed to align you, ­the entrepreneur, ­ with your passion and greatest gift in life.

At the same time, you will learn cutting-edge strategies and tactics to help you scale and grow your business.

This is possible because Sage Business School is taught by mentors who have the first-hand experience and knowledge to show you the way.

What's more, attendees also benefit from a network of top entrepreneurs from 50+ countries around the world and a program that ensures accountability.

How do I know Sage Business School will work for me?

As an entrepreneur, every hour and dollar spent are precious resources for you.

That is why we have a risk-­free 200% money back guarantee. Here is how it works.

On the last day of the school, you are going to leave with a 12-month business execution plan.

If you do not believe that this plan will generate a 10X return for your business over 12 months (based on the price of the ticket to the Sage Business School), you will get your money back PLUS a check for the price of an additional ticket.

In the worst case, you will get a 2X return on your investment.

However, in the past we have had nobody take this guarantee, so you are much more likely to have a plan that will get you a 10X return on your investment.

Will Peter work with me one­-on­-one at Sage Business School?

The Business School is an in-person 3-day event for 350 entrepreneurs from across the world.

Peter will not be doing any one-­on­-one coaching during this program.

However, you can have a private cocktail reception and lunch every day with Peter and a select group of entrepreneurs.

When you buy the limited availability Platinum Ticket, you and other Platinum Members will get to sit with Peter's Masters Circle (Peter's private coaching group) at the front of the room, as well as attend all of their private lunches and the cocktail reception with them.

The Platinum Ticket also consists of a special bag of gifts from Peter (additional rare speeches and training materials).

After the business school, what support will I get from Peter?

After the business school, you will have access to the entire event recording free of charge.

There is also a 90-day follow­-up program delivered by email and a Q&A forum in the private Facebook Group.

You will also be assigned an accountability partner from your group at the business school.

If you want more dedicated training from Peter, you can speak to a Sage Academy program advisor about joining his Elite Mentorship Forum (a 6 month personal development online coaching program with Peter).

If you are a member of the Platinum Ticket group, you will have a chance to join the Masters Circle (a private coaching group of high-level entrepreneurs who talk to Peter weekly, and see him 4 times a year on 5-­7 day retreats around the world).

I really want to attend personally, but I can't this time. What can I do?

If you don't want to miss out on this event, join us via Online Streaming. You also get access to many of the same benefits as joining us in London.

If you'd really like to attend in person and benefit from meeting hundreds of other entrepreneurs, apply for a future Business School.

There will be a Sage Business School in London in 2019. If you'd like us to come to your country, invite us. We would love to spread the message to more entrepreneurs.