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Sage Business School 2018 – Now Available Online!

Get instant access to the latest Sage Business School 2018 Seminar held in London, this February. You’ll get three full days of edited video content plus access to the closed SBS Peer Facebook Group where you will fall in love with your new tribe!


Frequent questions

Who is the Sage Business School for?

If you believe that your personal psychology affects your business, this school is for you.

Sage Business School is designed to help business owners successfully pursue their passion, achieve their goals they want, and live a fuller life as a result of it.

Why is the Sage Business School different from other business seminars?

The Sage Business School takes a 360 perspective on business, starting with the entrepreneur.

Top business schools in the world focus on high level strategies and tactics. But none of them go deep into the psychology of the entrepreneur on a personal level.

Sage Business School is designed to align you, ­the entrepreneur, ­ with your passion and greatest gift in life.

At the same time, you will learn cutting-edge strategies and tactics to help you scale and grow your business.

This is possible because Sage Business School is taught by mentors who have the first-hand experience and knowledge to show you the way.

What's more, attendees also benefit from a network of top entrepreneurs from 50+ countries around the world and a program that ensures accountability.

How do I know Sage Business School will work for me?

As an entrepreneur, every hour and dollar spent are precious resources for you.

That is why we have a risk-­free 200% money back guarantee. Here is how it works.

On the last day of the school, you are going to leave with a 12-month business execution plan.

If you do not believe that this plan will generate a 10X return for your business over 12 months (based on the price of the ticket to the Sage Business School), you will get your money back PLUS a check for the price of an additional ticket.

In the worst case, you will get a 2X return on your investment.

However, in the past we have had nobody take this guarantee, so you are much more likely to have a plan that will get you a 10X return on your investment.

Will Peter work with me one­-on­-one at Sage Business School?

The Business School is an in-person 3-day event for 350 entrepreneurs from across the world.

Peter will not be doing any one-­on­-one coaching during this program.

However, you can have a private cocktail reception and lunch every day with Peter and a select group of entrepreneurs.

When you buy the limited availability Platinum Ticket, you and other Platinum Members will get to sit with Peter's Masters Circle (Peter's private coaching group) at the front of the room, as well as attend all of their private lunches and the cocktail reception with them.

The Platinum Ticket also consists of a special bag of gifts from Peter (additional rare speeches and training materials).

After the business school, what support will I get from Peter?

After the business school, you will have access to the entire event recording free of charge.

There is also a 90-day follow­-up program delivered by email and a Q&A forum in the private Facebook Group.

You will also be assigned an accountability partner from your group at the business school.

If you want more dedicated training from Peter, you can speak to a Sage Academy program advisor about joining his Elite Mentorship Forum (a 6 month personal development online coaching program with Peter).

If you are a member of the Platinum Ticket group, you will have a chance to join the Masters Circle (a private coaching group of high-level entrepreneurs who talk to Peter weekly, and see him 4 times a year on 5-­7 day retreats around the world).

I really want to attend personally, but I can't this time. What can I do?

If you don't want to miss out on this event, join us via Online Streaming. You also get access to many of the same benefits as joining us in London.

If you'd really like to attend in person and benefit from meeting hundreds of other entrepreneurs, apply for a future Business School.

There will be a Sage Business School in London in 2019. If you'd like us to come to your country, invite us. We would love to spread the message to more entrepreneurs.