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Meet Peter Sage

I would like to make you a promise. Give me just 72 hours of your life and I will ensure that you are surgically and strategically rebuilt into someone who, regardless of ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, will continually take their business, career, income and LIFE to the next level. A person allergic to poverty. A person who lives life on a different plane from the crowd, immune from the infectious mediocrity of the masses. A Fantasy? Absolutely. But Only To Those Who Never Take Action!

“A mentee for over 20 years, Peter has had great success in many fields of business. I am happy to see he has taken what he has learned and is now helping other people achieve their dreams as well.”

Dan S. Pena, The 50 Billion Dollar man

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Sage Business School 2018 – Now Available Online!

Get instant access to the latest Sage Business School 2018 Seminar held in London, this February. You’ll get three full days of edited video content plus access to the closed SBS Peer Facebook Group where you will fall in love with your new tribe!

Sage Business School

The Sage Business School (SBS) is Peter’s flagship event. An intensive 3 day experience that transforms who you are and your perception of business and making money. It combines personal and spiritual development with business tools and strategies that will get you results immediately. New partnerships are formed, new businesses are formed and existing businesses explode with the teachings and principles delivered in these 3 days. This event is life changing. The Sage Business School doesn’t just teach entrepreneurship, it reinvents it.

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The Masters Circle

The Masters Circle is a highly exclusive opportunity designed for those committed to living life at unprecedented level. Limited to select group of serious players worldwide, the Masters Circle will permanently transform your business, your health, your relationships, your psychology and your level of consciousness in immeasurable and enlightened ways.
Expect your relationship with your current reality to be upgraded to heights few people reach during their lifetime. It is not for everybody. Once exposed to this level of teaching, insight and awareness, your life will be impacted in incredible ways as new frontiers present themselves. The tools you will gain, combined with a new level of understanding, will allow you to engage and interact with the ‘outer-world’ far more powerfully. This ultra-special peer-group is by application only and includes four incredible trips per year, each a minimum of 5 days, to bucket list and once-in-a-lifetime destinations. Create magic at the highest level. For more information or to apply for membership

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Elite Mentorship Forum

The Elite Mentorship Forum (EMF) is recognized as one of the most powerful personal coaching experiences in the world. The intensive 6-month syllabus weaves together combination of several powerful transformation methods including, cutting edge learning material, built in accountability, and the power of an upgraded peer group. All aspects of the program have been strategically developed to break through every aspect of limitation in the shortest possible time. The journey of transformation takes you to the very highest levels of personal growth and authenticity, resulting in a permanently upgraded version of yourself.

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Private Coaching

Peter Sage is widely recognized as a leading world authority on effective personal transformation and is one of the most respected and sought after personal coaches in the world today. His ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level and identify and quickly shift both hidden and unconscious patterns of limiting behavior have made him the go-to choice for lasting change.

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