Four Steps To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

four steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur

When prospective entrepreneurs embark on their journey, they think that they just need the right amount of money, idea, and education to succeed. While all these factors contribute to making a difference in your business, they aren’t enough.

Below, we’ll explore the real needle-movers and how to implement them to make your business thrive.

Four Essential Steps to Master

Understand What a Job Is

The definition of a job can mean different things to different people. Most people follow the same predictable life path: they go to school, get good grades, get accepted into a prestigious university, and work hard, only to have a person they’ve never met sign their degree and validate that they are valuable in a particular field. And this happens before they’ve even had the chance to work a single day. 

The harsh truth is that some people don’t even follow the path of getting to work in their area of expertise because they’re not driven enough by the idea of actually doing it. This explains why the traditional education system is flawed. People invest time and energy thinking they must study something, chasing the certainty spiral. But most times, they don’t engage and pursue their studied area because it doesn’t fire them up internally.

What Keeps You Stuck in Your Current Job?

How To Motivate Yourself To Work Harder

Understanding what a job is will help you make better decisions regarding your future. You’ll be paid a fixed amount of money when you work in a fixed job. Say you earn $1000 a week working for someone. What you do at that job has to be worth $1000 a week for you working there to be profitable for the business owner, which puts you in a challenging position because you have to settle for less than you’re worth. And it may play with your values because you’re trading your self-worth for certainty. 

Stagnation prevents people from following their true calling and contributing to the world. Their job will keep them on their mediocrity path without allowing them to explore their entrepreneurial journey and succeed.

Break-Free from an Unfulfilling Job

If you want to break free from the shackles of your current job, you must stop telling yourself that you need the job. The security of a job is nothing but an illusion in a world that changes so fast, and what was relevant yesterday loses its significance today. There is no security in starting a business, but staying glued to the same job doesn’t mean you can’t lose it because of external factors, such as being fired or the company going bankrupt. The only certainty you should adopt is that there is no absolute certainty. Otherwise, always wondering what’s on the other side but never actually discovering it will contribute to your unhappiness.

Starting your own business doesn’t imply that life will always be wine and roses, and it won’t give you the certainty that your business will be successful. But the only job security is being an entrepreneur, as daunting as it may sound. Because it helps you be in charge of all decisions, whereas when you work for someone else, you can give your best, but your efforts can still fall flat if the business owner runs it inefficiently. On the other hand, learning the basics of running your own business will lead to you becoming the captain of your ship. 

Ask Better Questions

Starting to ask better questions may seem trivial. Still, the quality of the questions you ask determines your life’s quality. If you have low standards, you’ll never rise above them without taking the bull by its horns and shifting your focus toward higher benchmarks.

Most people unconsciously agree to remain in unfulfilling jobs or relationships because they never dare to change the narrative by asking better questions. When you focus on articulating better questions, you point to your brain where to look for better answers. These answers may come as ideas, revelations, or even missed opportunities you previously failed to notice. 

Why Do You Want to Be an Entrepreneur?

This is the number one question you must ask yourself. If the reason you want to be an entrepreneur is tied to the wrong cause, you’ll most likely start on the wrong foot. Dreading the job you have, disliking your boss, craving more money, or wanting to prove to people that you’re capable are not strong enough reasons.

But suppose you drill deep and discover what truly lights you up. In that case, your trajectory as an entrepreneur will be different because it will be meaningful. If you can discover your passion and find a way to express it, you have all chances to triumph.

What Would You Do If You Had to Choose Only One Thing?

An inspiring prompt to guide you is imagining it’s impossible to fail. What would you do if you could do only one thing, removing the possibility of failure? This will help you move away from the certainty cage and help you be open to experiencing the boons of entrepreneurship. Having a business plan is excellent, but this is still certainty-driven. Following your passion leaves room for uncertainty because there’s no real plan for success apart from focusing on something you’re thrilled to pursue.

Choosing something you genuinely love to do is a different ball game than going after something you like. Knowing you’re following what you love will supercharge you with passion and motivation. Also, imagining you’ll succeed before even starting will give you an edge when starting your business.

Regarding releasing the grip on certainty, it helps if you think of nature. The strongest trees don’t grow in the best soil. They grow in the strongest winds. With that in mind, facing adversity will become just another step in scaling your business rather than a reason not to start. This is also the secret to building a solid business because your success is directly proportional to the level of uncertainty you can handle.

Upgrade Your Peer Group

Your peer group is a make-or-break. The reasons you are part of a group shouldn’t be for the sake of wanting company. 

The Law of Conformity 

Being aware of the law of conformity will make you more mindful of the people you choose to stay by your side. I also like to call this law the 95% law. The truth is only 5% of the people in the world own the world. They are resourceful enough to create life on their terms and retire at the desired age. And this is because they hang out together and elevate their peer group. 

If you hang out with nine recreational drug users, you’ll likely become the tenth. But what happens if you hang out with nine successful people? You have all the chances to become a successful one yourself. People who are a positive influence will call you on your excuses and help demolish them. They help create a thriving mental environment and keep you focused on your actual goals. They leave their footprints in the sand by moving toward success and inspire the same course of action for you.

The Importance of Your Peer Group

What happens when you hang out with people who haven’t defined their goals and aren’t actively pursuing them? They will infect you with their disbelief every time you share your bold aspirations with them. Their model of the world is very different from yours, so each time you spotlight your goals, they will most likely come up with reasons why they can’t come to fruition. Not because they’re jealous but because your goals are inconceivable to them. They can’t support you because they don’t believe your vision can become a reality.

peer group

The same happens with habits. Habits are nothing but conditioned behaviors. When you spend time with people who subscribe to harmful habits, you will also be inclined to subscribe to them. A peer group will open the door to a reality you didn’t know about. By doing so, they give you the green light to pursue the same patterns because you value your peer group. You identify yourself with the group, and, as a result, you embody their modus operandi. But in time, this will only make you press pause on your dreams and lower your ambitions. So the best thing you can do is to look for people who are ahead of you and can inspire you with their example.

Develop the Right Habits

Some people can’t even think of new habits because they are still trying to break free from the old ones. However, if you dream of being a successful entrepreneur, you must master your habits. 

The Most Important Habit

A crucial habit you must consider is taking care of your body. Suppose you want to cultivate the passion and discipline to care for your business. In that case, you must live in a healthy body. Your body is one of your most important assets because it’s your home. 

This reminds me of an insightful story: there used to be a homeless man. At the end of every day, he would go to fruit and vegetable markets and ask for leftovers. That’s all he ate, and no one who saw him believed he was in his eighties because of his body’s great shape. When asked how he looked so healthy, he said his body was indeed his only home, so the best he could do was honor it.

Leaving your Comfort Zone

If you take care of your body, your body will take care of you. If you stretch your body past the comfort zone, it will always return the favor and provide a better version of itself. It will increase your energy levels, and it will also help you create better thoughts. Positive thoughts are fertile ground for creating positive behaviors. By performing them repeatedly, they will ultimately lead to better habits.

The number one skill that differentiates successful from unsuccessful entrepreneurs is the ability to embrace uncertainty. Most people are too afraid to leave their comfort zone because handling uncertainty scares them. So they would instead stick to what’s easy and unchallenging instead of jumping into the abyss of uncertainty. But we’re doing ourselves a disservice when we don’t stop and question our fears. A great quote by Robin Sharma says, “The fears you don’t face become your limits.” So, rather than living in the discomfort of your comfort zone, wouldn’t it make more sense to leave it and discover what’s on the other side of your fears?

Step Away From the Path of Mediocrity

Becoming a passionate entrepreneur, asking better questions, upgrading your peer group, and developing the right habits will take you further than anything else. If you follow these four essential steps, you can create a prosperous business despite the obstacles you may encounter.

Being able to handle uncertainty is an art. Inside my program, Elite Mentorship Forum, I elaborate on these four steps and help you master the art of managing uncertainty. We ensure we dissolve all the excuses that keep you trapped in your comfort zone and remove any trace of mediocrity from your life. Nothing can stand in your way when you decide to become a successful entrepreneur.

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