How To Raise Your Frequency & Increase Your Vibration

One of the obstacles most people face relates to their inability to raise their frequency and increase their vibration. All this belongs to the metaphysical domain, which is an untapped territory for many, making people second guess the ways that can help them live happier lives.

Raising your energetic vibration can be beneficial because many aspects of your life can be smoothed when you do so. Your health, relationships, and overall energy can all be transformed when you operate on a high vibration.

But is raising your vibration a new-age thing? In this article, we explain the scientific aspects of raising your vibration. Since everything in the physical and non-physical world vibrates at a frequency, we learn that everything in the quantum world is either a particle or a wave, be it a sound wave, a microwave, a radio, etc. Below, we explore the three practical steps to vibrate at a higher level and the incredible results we can produce.

Less is More

People usually try to raise their frequencies by doing something in particular. This is a mistake because to create a higher frequency, it’s not about what you do more but about what you do less.

Homeostasis is a natural balance our body seeks to maintain to function optimally. When we are in a state of homeostasis, our body healthily deals with external stressors. Similarly, raising our vibration can lead to greater well-being and a more positive outlook on life. One effective way to improve our homeostasis and raise our vibration is by removing harmful things from our lives and creating a positive environment.

Your natural home state is your homeostasis. The body can function optimally. At birth, you’re naturally born with a high frequency; if you do the right things, health becomes a natural byproduct. When you’re unhealthy, it’s not because you chose to buy unhealthiness. It’s because you subscribed to activities that are detrimental to your health. Just like darkness represents the absence of light and you can’t turn on darkness because it’s the absence of light, disease represents the absence of health. The good news is you can turn on your health by elevating your level of resonance.

To raise our frequency, we must remove the things that block it rather than focus on finding ways to increase it. The human body constantly vibrates, and we tend to feel lighter and radiant if we elevate our frequency. Similarly, when we lower our frequency, we feel numb and heavy, making it easy for diseases to develop in a low-frequency environment.

The Power of Relaxation

It’s been said that stress can have adverse effects on our health and has a direct correlation to terminal diseases. The medical world can’t ignore the psychosomatic aspect of illnesses. When we are under stress, the body secretes a hormone called cortisol that can generate headaches, muscle tension, increased heart rate, etc. Cortisol can contribute to mood disturbances such as anxiety and depression. Prolonged exposure to cortisol can have adverse effects on our health. It can lead to a decreased ability to cope with stress, exacerbating these conditions. 

Stress is a natural killer and will most likely decrease our frequency. This is where meditation enters the scene. Making meditation a daily practice can have enormous benefits. 

Meditation is instrumental in eliminating stress and anxiety. It has been shown to lower cortisol levels, helping us to develop a positive attitude toward life and feel more relaxed and calm.

Meditation can also help us develop deep self-awareness, allowing us to observe our thoughts and emotions without judgment. This can help us create a more solid relationship with ourselves and dissect our thinking and behavior patterns. Regular meditation practice is a potent emotional regulator. Understanding why we do the things we do can help us develop greater emotional resilience and respond to challenging situations with more clarity and grit.

Meditation has many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure, improving digestion, and boosting the immune system. Perhaps one of the most important benefits of meditation is welcoming mindfulness. Being present and fully engaged in what we are doing is rare nowadays, given that constant exposure to information can make us more prone to distractions. Introducing meditation into our daily practice helps us cultivate mindfulness, which improves our ability to focus, lowers stress and anxiety, and promotes well-being.

There’s no need to engage in woo-woo rituals to elevate your frequency. Many people focus on wearing talismans or unique pendants, which is not wrong unless you place all the importance of healing or increasing your vibration entirely on them. In this case, you’re giving away your power, trusting that particular objects will handle what you’re in charge of handling. Remember, less is more. You only need to lower stress, and your natural frequency will surface.

Practice Love

The feeling that holds one of the highest frequencies is love. On the other side of the coin, there are the disempowering states that lower our vibration. When we experience oppression, anxiety, guilt, shame, or anger, we don’t realize their negative impact on our emotional well-being. 

Real love equals unconditional love, a type of love that is not based on conditions or expectations. It is a type of love that you offer without expecting anything in return. Unconditional love can become a regular practice when you become familiar with connecting to your heart. It is a pure form of love that exists independently.

Tapping into unconditional love can help us hone our compassion and empathy skills. When we give unlimited love, we become more in tune with others. Love is the ultimate high-frequency state, but unfortunately, most people don’t have a reference for what real love is. It implies supporting somebody else’s highest good regardless of anything that returns or fits our pictures.

Probably the fastest way to get into a high-energy state is through practicing gratitude. Suppose we measure the frequency we’re operating at when we tap into love or appreciation. In that case, our energetic signature is very different from the rest of the frequencies we experience throughout the day. Being grateful for something is probably the fastest and cheapest way to raise your frequency. 

I recommend making a list of what you’re grateful for. And if you find it hard to create it, think of two things that happened yesterday that you’re grateful for. Suppose I offer you a million dollars to write ten negative things about your life. In that case, you’ll be able to lower your frequency very quickly. If I offered you the same million dollars to write ten positive things in your life, you’d be willing to increase your vibration almost on demand. And that’s because both operations are equally simple. 

Enthusiasm is another great way to increase your frequency. Finding the energy to get excited about something is the most beneficial cosmetic in the world. It truly transforms people and supercharges them with zest and passion. An easy way to raise your vibration is by adding excitement to your to-do list instead of performing tasks robotically. 

When was the last time you wrote down your number one hobby? When I look back at the years I lived in Dubai, it’s funny to notice that although I lived near the world’s best drop zones, I didn’t skydive as much as I should. I didn’t fully take advantage of that place to practice my hobby. Strangely, I skydived more in different countries. This reminds me of the importance of honoring our hobbies with genuine enthusiasm. 

When you tap into joy or forgiveness, you dissolve negative states like guilt, resentment, and anger. At the same time, negative states bring nothing good. Doesn’t it make sense to focus our energy on sustaining positive states?

Activating Your Inner Fire

Firewalking is a practice that involves walking barefoot over a bed of hot coals. What makes it unique is that it’s a great way to prove to yourself that you’re more powerful than you think.  

I’ve experienced walking with bare skin over 2,000 degrees hot coals. Firewalking is something that I’ve not only done but I’ve also taught and facilitated for many years, and I’ve personally put thousands and thousands of people across the coals. From six-year-old kids to 80-year-old cancer patients, I’m certain that it’s not about walking on fire.

It helps if you see firewalking as a metaphor for your potential and activating your inner fire. Before doing it, it may seem terrifying, thinking you’ll never be able to do it. But once you’ve done it and look back, you’re utterly proud of yourself. 

Did you know that firewalking is not just an incredible feat of bravery but also a demonstration of fundamental physics and resonance? It all comes down to the natural frequency of the human body, which is around 70 Hertz. Interestingly, standing near a waterfall, which operates at a higher frequency level, can make you feel energized and revitalized – a phenomenon that demonstrates the power of resonance and its effects on our bodies.

Consider the experience of someone with cancer, who often faces low energy and a shallow frequency. It’s important to recognize that the people we interact with can greatly impact our energy levels and emotional state. For instance, if your partner is in a low-frequency state, it can cause your energy level to drop as well. Conversely, if you’re able to cultivate a high-energy, high-frequency state, you’ll find yourself vibrating at a higher level, which can be beneficial for both yourself and those around you. However, if you find yourself in an angry, upset, or depressed state, it’s likely that your vibration level will be lower, highlighting the importance of surrounding yourself with positivity and high-frequency individuals.

When it comes to firewalking, the frequency going through your feet is a higher frequency than the fire, you will not burn for a short time, and that’s the science of fire walking. It all boils down to the feelings you create and maintain. The mind creates matter. In quantum physics, it’s called collapsing the waveform, so if you

understand that you have to raise your frequency, you need to get yourself out

of the way. It’s important not to force anything. Don’t chase it. Allow your frequency to rise naturally by tapping into empowering emotions.

Live an Empowered Life

Less is more is a mantra worth remembering and practicing. You don’t want to focus on countless things simultaneously, and it helps remove any unnecessary parts of your life.

Learning to meditate will lower the importance of most of your problems so

that you can deal with them differently than before. Putting yourself in a higher frequency by connecting to things like gratitude or remembering a time when you were joyful will naturally raise your frequency. Your physical and mental health will benefit immensely from that.

If you’re looking for a bulletproof way to elevate your energy and maintain it, you must start with your peer group. My Elite Mentorship Forum represents a constructive environment to thrive. Like-minded students will surround you on a transformational path. Flowing with life rather than resisting it, elevating your frequency, and creating more happiness and abundance are just some of the results you’ll get inside this epic program.

What’s your favorite way to raise your energy?

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