How To Understand Yourself – The Four Levels Of Consciousness

4 levels of consciousness

Have you ever wondered why we perceive the world the way we do? Why do some people seem to flow through life and get everything they want effortlessly, while others spend most of their time in hustle mode?

The reason is that there are four levels of consciousness that humans can experience, and each level represents a different way of understanding the world around us. Each level corresponds to a different mindset or worldview that shapes how we perceive ourselves and the world around us.

In this article, we explore what makes these four levels so important. As we dive deep into each of them, we’ll discover that each level of consciousness is a necessary step in the evolution of human consciousness. Understanding these levels allows us to transcend our limitations, achieve our highest potential, and live purposeful lives.

  1. To-Me or Victim Mode

I call To-Me a victim mode because it’s any victim’s mantra. At this point, you perceive reality as something outside of your control. You see yourself as helpless and at the mercy of external circumstances that don’t depend on you. This mindset can be limiting and demoralizing. It can keep you stuck and prevent you from taking action to change your reality.

It’s about entering a helpless state where To-Me becomes your alibi to justify why your dreams didn’t come to fruition. And it’s all based on fault finding. “I would have the life of my dreams,” “I would be able to start my own business,” “It’s my parents’ fault,” “I was born in the wrong country,” etc. You get the point. Everything happens to you. The predominant emotion in To-Me is often blame. People at this level of consciousness may feel powerless, leading to anxiety, worry, and uncertainty. You may be afraid of the unknown or fearful of taking risks, which can keep you stuck in negative patterns of thought and behavior.

To Me - victim mode

The victim mode is a very limited level of existence. It is the epitome of living life in effect, not at cause. You respond and react to circumstances beyond your control; therefore, you have something to blame when life doesn’t happen the way you want. It’s a disempowering mental environment and doesn’t match your purpose in this world. 

Most people would rather stay in To-Me because the cost of awareness of knowing that they can design the life they want in By Me imposes a huge responsibility. The one of stopping complaining about your current circumstances and actually becoming the creator of your life. In other words, if you become aware of something, it imposes a responsibility on you to act out that new insight or admit that a damaging behavior or habit must stop. But it comes with a caveat and implies taking action toward that. 

Luckily, there’s another level of consciousness that can help us open our minds, leave the victim mentality behind, and start operating differently.

  1. By-Me or Achiever Mode

By-Me highlights the importance of taking action. If you sit on the shore waiting for life to send you a bottle with a winning lottery ticket, you’ll be waiting a long time. By-Me is about jumping in the river and swimming to where you want to go. At that point, you’ll make it happen because the mentality at this level is that if I am going to have the life I want to live, it will happen by me.

This level of consciousness is characterized by a shift in perspective from victimhood to empowerment. You begin to realize that you have the power to create your reality through your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. You step up and take action to conjure the circumstances you want rather than hoping they’ll land out of the sky. You start to take responsibility for your life and focus on manifesting your desires and aligning your thoughts and actions with your goals. 

By Me - resourceful mode

By-Me is far more productive than To-Me. So, how do you get out of To-Me and get into By-Me? By giving up blame. Blame is representative of To-Me. If you replace blame with personal responsibility, this is the first step of getting out of victim mode and moving forward into achiever mode. 

The personal development world fails because it’s based on trying to move people from To-Me to By-Me, from victim to achiever. The instructions follow the same pattern: set goals, have persistence, and cultivate desire so you can create your life on your terms. While it’s far more constructive than To-Me, By-Me still has its limitations as the By-Me way of living can be exhausting, and that’s why I also call it the By-Me heart attack lifestyle. You’re spreading yourself thin, thinking that working hard equals fulfillment. But there’s a better way to achieve everything you want in life, and it has nothing to do with putting pressure on yourself.

  1. Through-Me or Flow State

The next level is subject to misinformation because most people need to learn how to engage with it actively. It’s an effortless state where things happen, doors open before you put your hand on the handle, and people show up at the right place at the right time. Everything is in flow. It’s not a case of circumstance or just having luck. There are scientific principles on how to generate that consciously. 

Also, there are many different language patterns, but when you’re in flow, life becomes much easier. Unfortunately, for most people, these are fleeting states. Without an owner’s manual, it’s easy to fall back down. Then we have to start swimming upstream rather than flowing with the river, so most people can’t rely on it because they don’t understand how to make it work. After all, in Through-Me, life is very different, but we’re very little familiar with it.

Through Me - you believe there is a higher purpose

How do you get out of By-Me, and how do you get into Through-Me? By giving up the need for control. But this may be overly complicated for many because they are so used to controlling everything around them and holding on to the need for certainty.

It’s interesting to distinguish giving up control from giving up the need for control. In other words, learning to embrace uncertainty will help you take your tight grip off how you think life should look and allow yourself to flow a little more with the river rather than panic because it winds in a direction you weren’t expecting. 

How do you start to let go of By-Me and begin to enter into Through-Me? By giving up the need for control and replacing it with knowing. While many people suggest faith is the antidote to giving up the need for control, faith has its limitations. It can be helpful in the absence of references as it may compel you to move forward in spite of not having any evidence. But faith is nothing more than the flip side to the coin of doubt. Faith and doubt are the same coin on different sides. If your doubts are higher than your faith, they will lead the way. When it comes to being able to move forward from By-Me to Through-Me, you must know that you have nothing to defend and nothing to conquer. Instead, you live in a sense of certainty without controlling anything. You know that you’re going to hit your goals effortlessly.

  1. As-Me or Oneness

This level takes away many of the religious connotations, which causes division among the masses. As-Me is a sense of oneness, connection, of being able to see yourself as you, as me, as the screen, as the floor, as the tree, as the planet, etc. – the point being, there is no separation.

A lot of the spiritual masters shared their insights when it comes to this level, but we can only hear from the level we’re at. This explains why there have been so many levels of misinterpretation through the centuries that have little to do with the original teachings. As-Me is validated at every level of the highest levels of spirituality, called singularity or interconnectedness.

As Me - you believe that you are part of a cosmic connected universe

How do we get into As-Me? By giving up the illusion of separateness. In the physical world, we’re limited by Einstein’s famous equation E = mc2, which says that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. The speed of light travels at 186,000 miles per second and approximately 670,616,629 miles an hour.

But that’s an incomplete approach to the physical world, making us forget that we came from a different place. 

Suppose we start to understand that everything at the subatomic metaphysical level is connected, and we give up the illusion of separateness. In that case, we can replace it with unconditional love. This is the same message every religion and every form of spirituality teaches. It’s a permanent state of love, compassion, and oneness with all that is. It helps us see the beauty in all things and feel deeply grateful for the world around us.

Unlock Your Potential 

Understanding the four levels of consciousness can be a transformative experience. Each level offers unique challenges and growth opportunities, from the lowest level of unconsciousness to the highest level of enlightenment. 

However, it’s important to remember that life is not a linear journey. We may move back and forth between levels at different times in our lives as we navigate the complexities of our inner world.

I’ve spent a lot of time studying the four levels of consciousness to offer a roadmap for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Ultimately, I was inspired to create the Elite Mentorship Forum. This six-month program elaborates on the four levels of consciousness. It’s the fastest way to unlock your full potential and create a more fulfilling life for yourself and everyone around you. I invite you to check it out here

Which level of consciousness is currently ruling your reality?

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