Peter Sage Private Coaching

Elite Level Life & Transformation

Peter Sage is widely recognized as a leading world authority on effective personal
transformation and is one of the most respected and sought after personal coaches in the world today

One-on-one coaching

Private one-on-one coaching setting where Peter is able to offer an unparalleled level of personal expertise

Limited to five active clients

This program is not always open and when available it is strictly limited to just five active clients at any one time

His ability to understand people at a profoundly deep level and identify and quickly shift both hidden and unconscious patterns of limiting behavior have made him the go-to choice for lasting change

Through his global public seminars he has helped tens of thousands of people transform their lives, their health, their relationships and their businesses. His famed Elite Mentorship Forum has been called the ‘gold-standard’ in online group coaching programs, often selling out weeks before its twice-yearly launch.

However, it is in a private one-on-one coaching setting where Peter is able to offer an unparalleled level of personal expertise. His ability to elegantly navigate the minefield of emotional based human behavior has allowed him to quickly turn around the lives of many influential people. From depressed billionaires suffering with grief through to frustrated entrepreneurs trying to reach the next level but who instead continuously self-sabotage their own success and happiness. From successful authors with creative blocks to families who have tried everything but are still falling apart. He is also known as a ‘coaches coach’ having successfully helped launch the careers of some of the most successful coaches in their field. In addition, he is often hired by CEOs and leaders at the top of their industry who are searching for the edge that allows them to stay there.

Peter is both passionate and dedicated to the outcomes of his clients but also remains humble. Even though massive and rapid shifts are commonplace, he constantly reminds his clients that his role is to hold up a mirror for them to recognize their own greatness, allowing them to discover, own and unleash their true potential. This way Peter is able to avoid one of the fundamental pitfalls with traditional coaching which often starts with the presupposition that someone is flawed or broken and therefore needs to rely on somebody else to ‘fix’ them. This outdated model is excellent at facilitating a long-term need for coaching but does little to give people an internal reference for their own power and freedom.

Due to Peter’s work schedule as an author, entrepreneur and program facilitator, his private one-on-one coaching program is not always open and when available it is strictly limited to just five active clients at any one time. Clients are all personally vetted and acceptance is strictly subject to invitation or referral and follows an initial application process.

Your Investment

Working directly with Peter requires a strong commitment both financially and, more importantly, through intent. A tentative approach does not work. After all, results from this type of coaching are not tentative and neither should be your involvement. In return, Peter will take you past your current patterns, blocks and limitations in a way that will allow you to permanently transcend them and emerge both stronger and with the ability to offer the world even more of who you are.

This will be from a place of overflow, not from a place of being empty. In addition, a full in-depth personal and psychological audit / evaluation begins once you become a client and is part of the program.

Minimum Coaching Agreement:

Three months at an investment of USD $30,000, paid prior to the initial coaching session, and is non-refundable. This will include a minimum of 20 hours of individual private coaching plus an approximate equivalent of activity between sessions. If you choose to quit for any reason, all remaining funds will go directly to the registered charity, Positive Awareness of which Peter acts as honorary Patron.


What can I realistically expect?

Expect to grow quickly in every dimension personally, financially, emotionally and spiritually in alignment with your real purpose and True North. Incredible and measureable results are the norm. Peter is one of the most effective coaches in the world. With 25 years as a dynamic entrepreneur and expert in deep levels of human behavior, emotional patterns, self sabotage and understanding, you are in the best possible hands. However, please bear in mind Peter will be focusing as much in terms of shifting your inner world as he will in offering skills and strategies for the outer world. Skills and strategies can always be taught and acquired. However, if you are still the same ‘person’ but with more ‘skills’ you will likely run the same behavior patterns and attract the same circumstances. The only difference is you will have more ways to deal with them. By also raising your levels of awareness and consciousness, not only will your circumstances shift regardless of your skill sets but, more importantly, so will your relationship to them. This level of personal growth is where most of the fulfillment lies and is far more effective than just ‘becoming better at doing the same things’.

Explain more about the initial appraisal

Far too many people are way too busy charging off in one direction or the other, highly focused on where they think they want to go without ever stopping to take the time to analyze where they are and, most importantly, why. Of those who do, many are not usually equipped to ask the right questions of themselves, be objective in their answers or know what to do with the information they uncover. The reason Peter is so successful with his Mentees is because he takes the time to assess and build the right foundation first so they are ready for the rapid growth and change that happens. It is also during this evaluation period that many of your blind spots, hidden habits and behaviour patterns are uncovered. Without addressing the root cause of why you are where you are in the first place, any change in behaviour will only lead to surface results. Like painting over rust, it may ‘appear’ to be different but the same issues are still creating the problems underneath.

If you have a business you would like help with, Peter will bring in his own business experience of 25 years to evaluate your company or idea. He has a highly successful track record having built over 20 companies across two-dozen industries and many of them into the multi-millions of dollars range. As part of a value-add to his clients, you will also receive Peter’s full business audit and evaluation to identify both areas of concern and rapid potential growth. (Also available for non-clients at $15,000).

Will it actually be Peter who is coaching me or someone he has trained?

This is not a ‘coaching course’. It is the highest level of individual coaching, personally crafted to you and designed to deliver permanent transformation in as short a time as possible. Peter can make this claim as he has done this with countless numbers of clients from all backgrounds over nearly two decades. Many coaching programs with names behind them usually delegate out to people who have completed a basic trainer’s course. The reason Peter has agreed to make himself personally available to a very limited number of private high-level clients is because he is passionate about making a difference to those who also have the ability to impact others on a larger scale.

Is one call a week long enough to really make a big and lasting difference?

The most important part of your journey is not the call time you spend with Peter. It is what you do and who you become as a result of that hour that counts. Here’s a useful analogy; an average ocean-liner weighs around 100,000 tonnes. However, the rudder only weighs around 100 tonnes or just 0.1%. The point is simple, it is the rudder that steers the ship! The call time with Peter acts as a powerful rudder in the ocean-liner of your life, allowing you to steer to a new destination. Personal responsibility is paramount which is why Peter has also designed a system of accountability that ensures you develop the right crucial habits and stay on track. It is a very successful, proven and powerful system and one that conditions you to grow rather than creating dependability on calls or even Peter himself etc. Also note, all calls are recorded and made exclusively available for you to keep and re-listen to, making this a lifetime investment.

Are there any other costs?

To ensure transformation is as swift and comprehensive as possible, Peter has access to several thousand dollars of his additional material designed to deepen the learning and work synergistically with where he decides to take you. This is all included. At his discretion, he may occasionally recommend other resources such as books, apps or even films etc. depending on what he feels would add most value to the time between calls. However, if he does happen to suggest anything, the cost in obtaining them would be minimal.

With regards to investing in the growth of your business (if applicable), most of the business strategies require virtually zero cost and use the best of what he teaches in his acclaimed Sage Business School, including: Capital versus Initiative, Education Based Marketing, Cost Effective Advertising, World Class Customer Service, Systems Implementation, Designing the Owner Out of the Equation, Successful Negotiation, Exit Strategy Planning and much more. Essentially, after the evaluation the aim is to generate a significant increase in your net-worth and self-worth in the shortest possible time.

I have a career not a business - will it still help?

Not everyone wants to run a business and Peter’s coaching applies as much to non-business owners as it does to entrepreneurs. This is a highly personal and strategically targeted coaching program that is individual to you. Transformation should affect every area of your life, including your business, career, health, relationships and psychology. Historically, most clients are attracted to Peter’s coaching for the wide range of personal benefits as their ‘inner world’ is re-sculpted offering easier access to a sense of joy, peace, freedom and much less stress. As many discover, becoming a person of value is about far more than just money.


Decide if you can and want to make this type of investment in yourself and/or your business. The application process involves a short questionnaire. There is no charge for this. However, if your application is accepted, a 20 minute Skype interview with Peter will then be arranged to assess final suitability. This part of the process incurs a nominal fee of $500, which serves to cover the time Peter spends with you on the assessment and demonstrates initial commitment from yourself. Should you be accepted and choose to proceed, the $500 is credited towards your coaching.

To request an application form send an email to

[email protected]